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Key Differences between Google+ and Facebook

In this busy world when people have no time to meet their friends social networking websites is found to be the easiest way so far to beat this problem. Facebook has been quite popular with users due to its excellent features. While it happened Google was not behind and nothing restrained it from launching a social website of its own known as Google plus. The interface of both the websites is quite similar. RSS feed in the two social networking website is also similar. Not only is this but the video upload alike too. It has also been said that Google has copied facebook as it has lots of features which are inspired from facebook.
Along with the similarities many differences have been noticed in both the social websites which can be summarized in the following manner.
The first difference which can be brought in the consideration is the like and +1 button. Even though the button serves same purpose for the users in which the users can click the button if they like something be it a picture, status, comment or a page. The only different thing in Google + is that the data which has is under the +1 form can be used in many ways.
Google + has a feature of circles in which when you add someone as friend you add them in circles. This feature is known as circles in Google + which provides privacy that allows you to share your status with a particular group of friends or a particular friend. In this part Google plus is more secure than facebook. In facebook you do not have circles and you can simply send people requests or accept them. A big aspect is Social Media Management to make sure all is maintained.
Another key feature is hangouts which is supported by Google plus. Under this you can have live video chat with your friends. It also gives you a provision of doing multiple chats at the same point of time. Facebook recently made a deal with Skype in which it allows its users to go for a live chat easily. Some people find Google+ more convenient.
The picture upload feature of Google plus is more attractive than the facebook picture upload feature which is quite a simple one. Just a difference between the graphical interface of facebook and Google plus is there. The Google plus again has a privacy convenience through which you can share yiur picture with all of your friends or a particular group of friends circle.

Will Facebook Ever Go Out Of League?

Social websites have become the hub of reasons of using internet. Almost everyone has a profile on the social websites be it a child or an old man. This is considered to be the easiest way through which we can kill time and remain linked with our friends and kin. Many social websites like orkut, hi5 and MySpace have come and go. Now the question is if facebook will remain there and never fade out since it has become everyone’s favorite and a part of daily life. The reviews about it have been mixed. Some people say that no site has been better than facebook before as it has superb feature that have never seen before. A few said that the site is going to die out in some time due to the multitude traffic towards it.
Facebook is known to make biggest changes in the market. It has revolutionized globally. People from all over the world seem to be comfortable with it as they want to see who posted on their wall, what did their friends put his or her status as and which video has been shared with them. The implementation of facebook in business has helped a lot of dealers. The business and professional networking has seen a high with it. So they consider it’s going to be there for them for a long time.
The simple and the user friendly interface of the facebook attracted many people. Now the advertisements and the third party users have made the stuff on facebook rubbish which is now not approved of by many users. A regulated and phased approach would have worked in an effective manner for facebook. A too much of clutter has gathered which is spoiling the aliveness of facebook. The social network has become crowded with a great bunch of people. It’s no longer holds a cool factor with according to some.
Some people believe that facebook is also a sheer matter of time. It is more of the following of the crowd. In their opinion just like MySpace and orkut died facebook will also go out soon. Moreover the internet is not a trustworthy thing. They can do anything so removing facebook is no big deal. Its human nature to stay and stick with something so people may stick and leave it one day. Therefore it can fall down anytime. Some people believe that Facebook’s collapse is just a matter of time. If we just have a look at what speculators are saying, the same speculators that anticipated Myspace’s end of days, we can see a clear pattern. Nothing is written in stone on the internet. It’s just human nature – all trends have an expiry date, therefore it can fall down anytime. However, keep track on the latest trends by downloading out latest data analysis XLS documents. We’ve gotten some errors with people opening them on OSX, so, If you can’t manage to open them, make sure you Download and buy office for Mac 2016 from our suppliers.

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