Business coaching on converting Sales through Social and Answering Services.

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Are you generating traffic through your social Media but losing the clients from being to busy to answer the phone? My name is Andrew from Elite Business Coaching, I specialize in Marketing and conversation strategies. By using social media accurately then having the right person answer the phone and convert the sale, you will see massive gains in your biz. We all want to grow quick but sometimes we grow faster then we prepare for. If you cannot afford a full time Receptionist then a using a Phone answering Service is a great way to save and still convert.  Make sure you look into a service that has the ability to gain product knowledge and your service.

Biz Coach

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YouTube Marketing Optimisation Australia

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YouTube Marketing

At present, YouTube is one of the best used sites to host videos for internet businesses. Studies say that YouTube owns more than three billion video views per day. This site is an apt choice for all internet marketers who wish to find the targeted group of audience. Today, YouTube serves as a quick online medium to spread out a specific video so that it goes viral. Facility to host channel is an advantage of selecting YouTube as the marketing medium. This allows user to centralize the online location to promote his or her businesses.

Youtube Marketing

Currently, YouTube marketing is a common online tool used by internet marketers to promote their businesses. Great flexibility in uploading video is a notable feature of YouTube. It allows user to update and create new videos as per the requirements. If you are in search of a perfect online site to house presentations, demonstrations and videos, never hesitate to use this particular site. Sharing information and commenting plays a great role in improving the popularity of a brand via YouTube. If you are a business man who wish to promote a new product or brand, then it is recommended to choose YouTube as a marketing medium.

Depending on the quality and nature of video content, users can gain both positive as well as negative reviews. To gain more viewers, make sure that you post high quality and attractive videos. Also, never hesitate to comment on quality posts. Commenting and sharing more information not only retains existing customers but also attracts new viewers. Connecting the name of website at the beginning and end of video can enhance the popularity of site. Hence this site is an apt choice for all people who wish to popularize product and get feedback within a short interval of time.

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Twitter Social Media Marketing : A Great Way to Market Your Business

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Twitter is surely making immense headway into the social networking world. There are many people that actually prefer Twitter to Facebook these days. When it comes to running a business, marketing is something that you will spend the majority of your time doing. How can you sell your services or products if you do not spend a lot of time getting your name out there? One way that many small businesses are choosing to market is by using Twitter. Of course you’ve heard of Twitter, but maybe it never occurred to you that you can actually use it as a marketing tool. The truth is, you can use it as a marketing tool and actually become successful in helping others find your business better.

Social media marketing AustraliaWhy Use Twitter for Marketing Your Business
Twitter marketing is a wonderful way to promote what it is that you do. You can communicate certain aspects of your business website in a much stronger and more noticeable way when you use Twitter. This is because you can make it so that it is seen by relevant people, meaning it can be seen easier by those who matter. More people will start using Twitter each and everyday because it is becoming so mainstream and you definitely want to be where everyone else is so that you can be seen and noticed more.

How to Become Successful with Twitter Marketing
There are some tips and rules to go by to ensure that you are marketing in the best way possible when using Twitter. First, you need to be sure that you are sharing valuable information about your business. Others can’t learn about what you do, how you do it and if you’re worth their money and time if you don’t show them by keeping them updated.

You also need to show that you care about the users that are following you. Retweet things that your followers have tweeted to show them that you want to help them out by getting their tweets out there more. This will make them more open to helping you out and putting your name out there more. It’s also very important that you don’t become “spam” to others that are following you, this will make them turn the other direction faster than you can even imagine.

Most importantly, you should have a little bit of fun when you are marketing on Twitter. Put creativity and life into everything that you post for your followers. This will make many people want to follow you more, as nobody wants to follow someone who is dull.

Remember that this is for your business, which you want to be successful. Spend time marketing in a way that truly attracts people and draws them in. You want to make someone want to follow you, that is what you need to remember when you are posting. Also, follow others to be sure that they can see your name. The more people see you, the more they will think that you are someone they should be following.

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SMM|SMO| Pinterest Social Marketing Optimaztion

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Pinterest Marketing: Why Your Business Needs To Be Marketing On Pinterest

In 2012 Pinterest captured the attention of the social media world when it crossed the 10 million user mark faster than any other site in history. Behind this story of breakneck growth is a marketing environment that is ideally suited for businesses and brands. Pinterest users are typically described as upper income females, aged 18 – 49 and from the heartland from America. It is a demographic that likes to shop, and is even happier share the details of their purchases. Here we will look at why Pinterest marketing has become many marketers’ favorite social media site.


While some companies are only just starting to understand the power of Pinterest Marketing, it is already being used to great effect by many early adopting brands. The online shoe retailer Zappos, notes that a Pinterest user is 13 times more likely to share a recent purchase on Pinterest than they are on Twitter. The visual nature of Pinterest makes it perfect for consumers to show off their latest purchase.

Pinterest compares very favorably compared to other social network sites when it comes to spending. Pinterest users tend to be above average income earners and they are comfortable with spending money both online and off. In 2013 just under a quarter of Pinterest users had a household income of between $50,000 and $74,000 a year. According to ComScore the average Pinterest user spends more money and buy more products, than any of the other major social media sites.

Pins that include prices are 36% more likely to be repined according to the online commerce platform, Shopify. This demonstrates the commercial nature of Pinterest, where people are interested in products not just to view them, but to potentially purchase them for themselves. Pinterest users are much more interested in brands overall, than other social media users. In fact according to the average US Pinterest user, follows a total of 9.3 brands. When marketed to correctly, users are very interested in interacting with their brands.

Pinterest offers a social media platform that is perfectly suited to sharing purchases and brand experiences. With an affluent and high spending demographic, it is well suited to any business whose products target these markets. You need to use Pinterest Marketing in your campaiigns, otherwise you will loose out on millions of potential customers.

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Google Plus, Social Media Marketing

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The New Social Media, Google Plus Has You Covered
The world of social media welcomed its newest member, Google Plus on June 28, 2011 when Google launched Google Plus. Today, the new site has over 500 million registered users with almost half of them being active each month. This social media site is, unlike any other social media site; hence it is a layer of sites so users can access many websites at once.

Google PlusThe Google company has made many of its own online properties available on Google Plus. Since Google has opened its doors, internet users have known that Google was different. They have a wide range of services, and with them pooling their resources to make Google Plus you know it is an impressive social media site. The advantages are listed below on how your business can prosper with the use of Google Plus.

Hosting a Hangout. This is a great opportunity for business owners to engage clients and customers in a personal way. An owner or manager can hold a meeting and communicate information and ideas for the company without traveling. This feature can also hold your documents and spreadsheets, so everyone is up to date

Connecting Early. This means that you can build relationships with technology leading companies that are already onboard. The technology community knows Google Plus will be a success, so you can start meeting valuable contacts.

The SEO expansion. The Google company will have their powerful search engine available for Plus, and almost every company uses Google to research business opportunities and ideas.

Segmenting. This site will allow businesses the opportunity to segment their audience, which will help them target a certain market for certain services and products.

The future of social media has arrived, so it’s time to join the masses and experience a new way of doing business. So sign up and start tapping into the new social media world, find already existing business contacts and start relationships with new contacts. The power of Google Plus will only expand your opportunities.

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Facebook SEO|SMO|SMM| Social Marketing Optimisation Australia.

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The impact of Facebook Marketing on Business Growth

The 21st Century is a generation that lives online, shops online and buys online. This new way of living and selling may have negative effects on our society, but one thing cannot be denied: it has opened previously unimaginable doors for companies to market their product. With 552 million daily users and 93% of adult internet users on Facebook, ignoring Facebook marketing for your business can be a very bad business decision. Users browse billions of links, stories, pictures and web content every month.Facebook-Marketing

Even though Facebook was created in a college dorm, college kids are not the only users anymore; Facebook has millions of users spanning every age group. Facebook can also be an invaluable platform when marketing your business or promoting your offerings and has become a force that cannot be ignored. Facebook has opened the passage of communication by freeing the marketplace of demographics and Socio-Economics.

67% of business owners that utilize Facebook to promote their product report finding a customer through this channel of advertisement. Despite the staggering number of users in the Facebook community, the issue becomes how to make the huge user base into a community that knows and values your business. Because of the information required on a user’s profile, users can be easily grouped together as groups of users that have selected demographics in common. This way, marketing goes beyond the traditional advertising methods and instead takes marketing to a highly targeted group of customers; it is a way for businesses to be proactive in marketing their business.

Marketing on Facebook has allowed brands to further build a platform for their business by building personal connections with users and maintaining those relationships. The way that businesses are portrayed on Facebook encourages interactions with customers which build a customer base. This open channel of communication between the consumer and the business directly allows the brand to be in contact with what the customer wants to purchase.

Having a presence on Facebook is an undeniable way to increase sales and develop a following. Once you understand how to use the millions of users in your marketing advantage, the question becomes what ways to market your product. Essentially, Facebook offers 3 major ways to create a platform for you to market your business: groups, pages and ads.

Every one of these platforms offers different advantages to marketing your business, and although presence on Facebook alone increases sales, you have to ensure that you are using the correct mediums on Facebook. Facebook groups allow an increased level of contact with the customer or interested parties, and it is at no cost to businesses. Groups are basically a forum page, but you can create a mini-profile for your business that give customers a better idea of the lifestyle and branding that your store or business has.

Pages for businesses are very similar to individual user’s profile pages. Pages can be “liked” by anyone that sees the page and wants to know more. Pages also have no limit to the “likes” or friends they have and are very easy for a company to start. Advertising on Facebook, though costly, hits an exact targeted consumer group. Ads can be created using specific information registered on Facebook about their users. Additionally, users can choose ads that they like to see on their page which increases the targeting parameters.

When something gets mentioned or talked about on Facebook, it is broadcasted to your friend network and their friend networks. What businesses need to harness from Facebook to separate themselves from the competition is the referral opportunities that abound.

If your business is not utilizing facebook marketing to promote your products and services, you are losing on millions of potential customers who are looking for your business on Facebook.

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What is SMO, i.e. Social Media Optimization Marketing

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Everybody talks about brand awareness these days. Most business owners today talk about SMO or Social Media Marketing, and they will agree with us that it is the best marketing tool available to build brand awareness. One can go on talking about various benefits of social media marketing, but achieving the desired results is a different ball game altogether. Achieving business success utilizing social media marketing should be the goal of every business owner.

Are you searching for experienced social media marketing experts who will take your business out of its current Revenue Rut?

Do you struggle to achieve desired results with your current Social Media Marketing expert? If your answer in the affirmative, the problem is that you do not follow a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Social MediaYou need to adopt a customized Social Media Marketing strategy that provides repeat exposure for your products or services. Such an approach will always motivate customers to make favorable purchase decisions and you will be able to establish yourself as an authority in your niche.

Take a look at the Social Media Marketing Services we offer:

Do you think that social media marketing efforts should focus only on selling your products or services alone? We do not think so. It may sound strange, but we strongly believe that sales will take care of themselves if you have a customized, and practical Social Media Marketing strategy to work with. That is exactly what we offer and we deeply concentrate on the process to achieve amazing results for you.

Our customized SMM solutions for include:

1) Profile setup
2) Profile optimization
3) Custom, branded social media backgrounds and graphics
4) Company branded pages
5) Daily, Weekly and monthly plans for social media networking
6) Social media icon generation
7) Blog post and YouTube SEO
8) Social media icon integration
9) Social media share button integration

We will make your online presence extremely strong in top quality social media websites like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs as well. The power of social media is truly amazing. If you are not convinced, take a look at these statistics:

1) Facebook users – 1.1 billion
2) Twitter users – 517 million
3) Google+ users – 400 million
4) LinkedIn users – 175 million
5) Pinterest – 25 million
6) YouTube – More than 800 million people visit YouTube each month.

These numbers clearly indicate the true power of social media and various studies have shown that more than 90% of the customers rely on these sites to make the best purchase decision.

What makes our Social Media Marketing strategy stand out?

Every serious business owner needs to utilize the tremendous potential of social media websites to cultivate a large community of followers; and a highly effective social media marketing strategy can be described as an ongoing dialogue between you, the business owner, and your existing as well as potential customers.
If you want to position your business as a market leader in your niche, and reap all the benefits associated with Social Media Marketing, do not wait any longer.

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