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The impact of Facebook Marketing on Business Growth

The 21st Century is a generation that lives online, shops online and buys online. This new way of living and selling may have negative effects on our society, but one thing cannot be denied: it has opened previously unimaginable doors for companies to market their product. With 552 million daily users and 93% of adult internet users on Facebook, ignoring Facebook marketing for your business can be a very bad business decision. Users browse billions of links, stories, pictures and web content every month.Facebook-Marketing

Even though Facebook was created in a college dorm, college kids are not the only users anymore; Facebook has millions of users spanning every age group. Facebook can also be an invaluable platform when marketing your business or promoting your offerings and has become a force that cannot be ignored. Facebook has opened the passage of communication by freeing the marketplace of demographics and Socio-Economics.

67% of business owners that utilize Facebook to promote their product report finding a customer through this channel of advertisement. Despite the staggering number of users in the Facebook community, the issue becomes how to make the huge user base into a community that knows and values your business. Because of the information required on a user’s profile, users can be easily grouped together as groups of users that have selected demographics in common. This way, marketing goes beyond the traditional advertising methods and instead takes marketing to a highly targeted group of customers; it is a way for businesses to be proactive in marketing their business.

Marketing on Facebook has allowed brands to further build a platform for their business by building personal connections with users and maintaining those relationships. The way that businesses are portrayed on Facebook encourages interactions with customers which build a customer base. This open channel of communication between the consumer and the business directly allows the brand to be in contact with what the customer wants to purchase.

Having a presence on Facebook is an undeniable way to increase sales and develop a following. Once you understand how to use the millions of users in your marketing advantage, the question becomes what ways to market your product. Essentially, Facebook offers 3 major ways to create a platform for you to market your business: groups, pages and ads.

Every one of these platforms offers different advantages to marketing your business, and although presence on Facebook alone increases sales, you have to ensure that you are using the correct mediums on Facebook. Facebook groups allow an increased level of contact with the customer or interested parties, and it is at no cost to businesses. Groups are basically a forum page, but you can create a mini-profile for your business that give customers a better idea of the lifestyle and branding that your store or business has.

Pages for businesses are very similar to individual user’s profile pages. Pages can be “liked” by anyone that sees the page and wants to know more. Pages also have no limit to the “likes” or friends they have and are very easy for a company to start. Advertising on Facebook, though costly, hits an exact targeted consumer group. Ads can be created using specific information registered on Facebook about their users. Additionally, users can choose ads that they like to see on their page which increases the targeting parameters.

When something gets mentioned or talked about on Facebook, it is broadcasted to your friend network and their friend networks. What businesses need to harness from Facebook to separate themselves from the competition is the referral opportunities that abound.

If your business is not utilizing facebook marketing to promote your products and services, you are losing on millions of potential customers who are looking for your business on Facebook.

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