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Pinterest Marketing: Why Your Business Needs To Be Marketing On Pinterest

In 2012 Pinterest captured the attention of the social media world when it crossed the 10 million user mark faster than any other site in history. Behind this story of breakneck growth is a marketing environment that is ideally suited for businesses and brands. Pinterest users are typically described as upper income females, aged 18 – 49 and from the heartland from America. It is a demographic that likes to shop, and is even happier share the details of their purchases. Here we will look at why Pinterest marketing has become many marketers’ favorite social media site.


While some companies are only just starting to understand the power of Pinterest Marketing, it is already being used to great effect by many early adopting brands. The online shoe retailer Zappos, notes that a Pinterest user is 13 times more likely to share a recent purchase on Pinterest than they are on Twitter. The visual nature of Pinterest makes it perfect for consumers to show off their latest purchase.

Pinterest compares very favorably compared to other social network sites when it comes to spending. Pinterest users tend to be above average income earners and they are comfortable with spending money both online and off. In 2013 just under a quarter of Pinterest users had a household income of between $50,000 and $74,000 a year. According to ComScore the average Pinterest user spends more money and buy more products, than any of the other major social media sites.

Pins that include prices are 36% more likely to be repined according to the online commerce platform, Shopify. This demonstrates the commercial nature of Pinterest, where people are interested in products not just to view them, but to potentially purchase them for themselves. Pinterest users are much more interested in brands overall, than other social media users. In fact according to the average US Pinterest user, follows a total of 9.3 brands. When marketed to correctly, users are very interested in interacting with their brands.

Pinterest offers a social media platform that is perfectly suited to sharing purchases and brand experiences. With an affluent and high spending demographic, it is well suited to any business whose products target these markets. You need to use Pinterest Marketing in your campaiigns, otherwise you will loose out on millions of potential customers.

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